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Spiral-blade Powder Mixer


1. Suitable for the stirring and drying of powder materials, such as the western medicine, chinese herbal medicine, food (including health food), biotechnological product and chemical materials, etc. 

2. Various powders can also be sprayed with ingredients to form pellets.

3. It is suitable for mixing powder and powder, powdery granule, powder and liquid additive, and can also add equipment and fittings to vacuum, heating, drying and cooling.


1. Outer and inner S-shaped spiral mixing blades achieve total, rapid mixing performance. 

2. This device generates high-speed bi-directional spiral movements for quick, even powder mixing and stirring.

3. The bottom discharging is controlled by hydraulic cylinder, which saves manpower.

4. Mixing stirring can set the time, and can arbitrarily set the positive, reverse time and total mixing time.

5. U-shaped mixing barrel is tiltable for easy cleaning.

6. Total mixing barrel capacity: 50~3,000L.