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Rotary-barrel Powder Mixer


1. Suitable for mixing the powder, such as medicine, cosmetics, dyes, food (including healthy food), food additives, fertilizers, feeds, chemical materials and electronic materials, etc. 


1. Providing rotary and swing-type mixing, this advanced logic machine features the advantage of combined V-type, U-type, diagonal-type and dual-hammer mixers. 

2. Helical blades inside the swing roller help stir when the roller rotates and swings to mix. 

3. After the mixing is completed, operator can tilt the roller and control the hand switch to automatically retrieve the material kept inside, saving time and labor. 

4. Small size, low noise, high safety, and simple structure; easy cleaning and ideal for GMP food producers and pharmacies. 

5.  With a guardrail and safety          devices to ensure the safety of operating personnel

6.  Roller capacity: 100~2,000L.